Worms, its types, symptos and prevention


This is a common problem related to children. Sometimes elder person is also suffered from this problem.
There are three types of worms: –

1. Round worm: – This worm is long and round and having pale color. They live in small intestine. Male and female live together. Female gives eggs and these eggs don’t die easily. This worm comes out with stool. So if any body drinks water of pond, well etc., in which eggs of this worm present, he gets affected by these worms. Sometimes it comes out through mouth.

2. Thread worm: – these types of worms are very small and thin like thread. This is also called pin worm. They live in from intestine to anus. They cannot be destroyed by any medicine completely.

3. Tape worm: – This type of worm is flat like tape having white color. They live in small intestine. They are made of many small segments. Each segment is having one inch width. Their shape is as pumpkin seeds. Male and female are present in each one worm.
They are the longest worm. Their length is from 17 feet to 75 feet.

Symptoms: –

Itching and burning in anus. The itching often aggravates in night.
Itching in nose.
Chewing nails of fingers.
Cutting pain near naval region.
Abnormal hunger.
Loose motion.
Grinding teeth during sleep.
Starting during sleep.
Frightened during sleep.
Dreamful sleep.
Fetid smell in mouth.
Pale face.
Convulsion, etc.


One, who is affected by worms, should avoid sweet foods. Foods should be boiled very well. They should avoid meat and raw food materials. For treatment one should go to doctor at time.

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