What is tsunami ? What are its causes?


tsunami waves
Tsunami is a fast moving sea waves. During Tsunami ocean waves having high speed and height interact with the coastal areas it enters far into land devour the inhabitants of that area. There are following causes of Tsunami: –

1. Earthquake: – Due to earthquake under or near ocean Tsunami is created. Seismic vibration of earth shakes the water of ocean and it starts running with great speed and height. Actually it creates movement on sea floor. Sea waves destroy a large area which comes in its way.

2. Volcanic eruption: – It is rare case, when volcanic eruption creates TSunami waves. But it occurs it is destructive beyond imagination. Actually, volcanic eruptions in seas or oceans disturb the water level very abruptly. The water is converted into stormy waves and can destroy a large area. In 1883 a volcanic eruption generated giant waves having height of 125 feet above sea level and killed thousands of people and wiped many villages.

3. Landslide: – Sometimes landslide causes Tsuanami. If landslide in a large area occurs water in the ocean gets disturbed and it is converted into high and fast moving waves. It starts running fast to the vacant areas and thus Tsunami created.

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