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Stramonium child in your clinic

  • FEAR – doctors
  • FEAR – being, injured of

These two rubrics are very commonly found in children. In both rubrics Stramonium is present. No other remedies are common in both rubrics. It means Stramonium child fears from doctor, because of fear of being injured and nothing else. He apprehends that the place of doctor is sure to give him some injury, which will be pain ful and inflicting suffering. Hence even before coming into the chamber of doctor you can hear his piteous weeping from outside.

  • WEEPING – piteous

Coming inside the chamber, his weeping sound increases further.

  • WEEPING – aloud

If he is accompanied by both the parents and he is being held by his father he will continuously look towards his mother accompanied by crying, telling her to take him out of the chamber by extending both the arms.

  • FEAR – escape; with desire to
  • DELIRIUM – crying, with – help for
  • DELIRIUM – arms – extends

This is a very common scenario in the clinic. You need not to repertorise. A dose of Stramonium will settle the case.

Most of the time Stramonium child will not look straight into your eyes and try to look otherways or hold hold hand of attendant or furniture tightly.

  • LOOKED AT CAN NOT BEAR TO BE – evading; the look of other persons
  • HIDING – himself
  • CLINGING – person or furniture to

Sometimes, Stramonium child’s problems aggravates in clinic as doctor is stranger for him.

There may be another type of Stramonium child. Some children come in the clinic held by their parents. When asked about the problem, they start telling their problem themselves. Patient says, “Nothing serious. I can dress the abscess myself. I know how to take out the pus from abscess (showing their abscess). I told Papa, I can manage, but he insisted to come here. (Pointing his fingers towards the computer) By the way what is this? “Oh, computer!” We have two computers at school and one at home. I can handle them.” He starts touching the mouse and then goes on to handle the stethoscope. “I am also having one at home. Sometimes when my mom falls sick I check her.”

  • BOASTER Braggart


  • CLIMB – desire to

His father gets a call in his mobile, so he went out leaving him on the chair. His mother was sitting on the next chair a few feet away.
Now Dr. “Let me check your abscess.” He suddenly got up and ran away to his mother and caught hold her tightly and shouted,” Let us go. I don’t want medicine.”

  • CLINGING – child – awakens terrified, knows no one, screams, clings to those near.
  • HELD – desire to be held
  • FEAR – escape, with desire to

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