Sample Paper – S.S.C. Multi Tasking Staff (Non – Technical) Test

Sample papers




1. Passage

Although Indians spend less money on allopathic medicines than people in most Asian Countries, more than 40,000 drug formulations are available here. All manufacturers are required by law to provide information about their product either on the packaging or in a pamphlet inside. But, in many cases, this information is very meager and hard to understand. Many doctors, too, do not tell their patients anything about the drugs they prescribe.

What should we be concerned about when we take drugs? There are two areas

(I) side effects; Many people taking a drug will notice an undesirable reaction,

Usually minor. But even the mildest drugs can do harm if taken improperly, long enough or in excessive doses. And everyone responds to a drug differently.

(2) Failure to follow directions; Many of us disobey prescription instructions on how much to take and when. It is easy to fall into thinking that more of the durg will speed up the healing. It is more common, however, for people to stop taking a drug when they begin to feel better. This, too, can be dangerous.

What are the steps to be taken for safety? (I) Take a drug only as recommended on the abel or by the doctor. (2) If you feel ill after taking a drug, check it with doctor. (3) Do not mix drugs. (4) Check whether any food or activities are to avoid.

3. Which one of the following statements is true?

(a) Indians hate allopathic medicines

(b) Indians use more than 40,000 allopathic drugs

(c) Other Asian countries do not have allopathic medicines

(d) Indians cannot afford allopathic drugs

4. How are drug users to be instructed by the manufactures?

(a) Doctors should give a manual of instruction

(b) The Chemist should issue an instruction manual

(c) Information should be printed on the carton or in a pamphlet kept inside it

(d) Patients should keep in touch with drug manufactures

5. Only one of the following sentences is right identify it.

(a) All medicines produce reactions of various degrees in their users

(b) Even mild drug are not always safe

(c) Medicines should be discontinued as soon as we feel better

(d) More than the prescribed dose brings quicker recovery

6. Drug manufactures ………….

(a) do not give instructions

(b) give all instructions necessary

(c) give very little and unintelligible information

(d) give information only when asked

7. Which one of the following is true?

(a) Throw away the drug that produces side effects and try another

(b) Drugs may be taken with all kinds of foods

(c) Drugs do not inhibit our normal life style

(d) Drug should be used only according to prescription

8. The Manager put forward (A) / a number of critereons (B) / for the post. (C) NO error (D)

9. The Railways have made (A) / crossing the tracks (B) / No error (D)

10. A member shall be required (A) / to pay interest at such rate (B) / as is fixed by the committee. (C) / No error (D)

11. Citizens cannot afford (A) / to take the law (B) / out of their (C) / No error (D)

12. The relatives of the deceased (A) / threatened to avenge (B)  his death (C)/ No error (D)

13. The explosion that …….. the bus killed twelve people.

(a) wrecked                    (b) deflated               (c) stalled           (d) hindered

14. There was some ………. between the member’s version and the committee’s version.

(a) discourse                  (b) discrepancy        (c) certainty           (d) recurrence

15. We have talked a lot; now let us ……….. to work

(a) get down                  (b) set off                   (c) take off            (d) sit up

16. The life – guard would not let the children ………. at the deep end of the pool.

(a) swims                   (b) swim                    (c) swam                 (d) to swim

17. The audience watched the clowns ………… their act.

(a) performs               (b) perform                (c) performed            (d) are performing


(a) Taste                       (b) Protector               (c) Sour                  (d) Flavour


(a) Hatred                     (b) Revised                  (c) Competed           (d) Contradicted


(a) Skimming               (b) Arranging                (c) Planning            (d) Cutting


(a) Annoy                     (b) Insect                      (c) Upset                  (d) Paste


(a) Disseminate            (b) Difference              (c) Discord                (d) Difficulty


(a) Numerous             (b) Large                          (c) Plentiful             (d) Enormous


(a) Amateur                (b) Tradesman                (c) Labour                (d) Customer


(a) Scanty                  (b) Prosperity                  (c) Majority            (d) Plenty


(a) Fresh                     (b) Old                             (c) Steal                 (d) Stalk


(a) Evacuate                 (b) Validate                   (c) Occupy          (d) Empty

28. The Manager doctored the accounts of the company.

(a) to make changes in account books

(b) to clear the doctors bill

(c) to verify the accounts in detail

(d) to manipulate the accounts

29. She could never measure up to her parent’s expectation.

(a) reach the level

(b) work as hard

(c) assess the amount

(d) increase her height

30. The little girl with her flawless performance stole the show.

(a) stole something from the show

(b) crept into the show

(c) won everybody’s praise

(d) disappeared from the show

31. The thief was on good terms with the police.

(a) kept terms and conditions

(b) was friendly

(c) followed the rules

(d) agreed with them

32. John’s offer of help was turned down by the police. ]

(a) sent back

(b) twisted around

(c) refused

(d) handed over

33. Did there bus come on time?

(a) their’s

(b) theirs

(c) their

(d) No improvement

34. Mayank was working overtime for the last two weeks.

(a) is working

(b) is being working

(c) has been working

(d) No improvement

35. Every morning I get up at 4 O’ clock but today I get up at 7 O’ clock.

(a) got up                                        (b) was getting up

(c) am getting up                           (d) No improvement

36. Most children are liking ice – cream.

(a) If he comes

(b) In case he will come

(c) In the even of his begin come

(d) No improvement

37. Able to use the left hand and right hand equally well.

(a) Ambivert

(b) Ambedextrous

(c) Ambivalent

(d) Ambitious

38. One who hates woman.

(a) Philanthropist

(b) Ascetic

(c) Misogamist

(d) Misogynist

39. A system of naming things.

(a) Horticulture

(b) Miniature

(c) Genjocide

(d) Nomenclature

40. A raised passageway in a building.

(a) Walkway                                    (b) Walkour

(c) Walkabour                                 (d) Walkover

41. A cure for all diseases.

(a) Laxative                                      (b) panacea

(c) Antidote                                (d) purgative

42. Passage

There are certainly some things in common between science and religion.

Both want the …. (91) …. of mankind. Only their ways and …… (92) ……… are different.  Then, both of them …..(93) ……to have truth as their basis. Religion ….. (94)

……….the the truth it ….(95) ……. Should be believed in with blind ….(96) … Science says that it should be studied ………. (97) …….. tested and only then relied upon. If during …. (98) some new truth of neew aspect of the truth …. (99) …….. science is ready to accept …….(100) ……. But religion is not ready for research, experiment and change in whatever has already been accepted or revealed.

43. (a) goodwill                            (b) goodness

(c) welfare                                     (d) best

44. (a) manner

(b) demonstration

(c) style

(d) methods

45. (a) say               (b) claim

(c) assure                  (d) promise

46. (a) wants           (b) promotes

(c) shows                (d) forces

47. (a) proclaims                     (b) announces

(c) creates                                 (d) ensures

48. (a) belief                             (b) mind

(c) faith                                    (d) trust

48. (a) touched                        (b) felt

(c) seen                                    (d) probed

49. (a) hypothesis                   (b) research

(c) meditation                          (d) concentration

50. (a) emerges                        (b) comes

(c) presents                               (d) revealed

51. (a) these                             (b) this

(c) it                                          (d) them


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