Sample Paper History Bihar Intermediate Examination

Sample papers





1. What is archeology?

2. What is Harappan culture?

3. Describe basic plan of Mohenjo Daro.

4. Describe drainage system of Indus valley civilization?

5. What is importance of epic in History writing?

6. Describe architecture and Mauryan Art?

7. What do you understand by Dhamma of Ashoka.

8. Write a short note on Mahajanpad?

9. Describe types of marriage in Mahabharat Age?

10. Write four Arya Satya of Buddha?

11. What do you know was Tri-ratna of Jain Dharma?

12. Write a short note on Kitab- ul-hind?

13. Write a short note on Meerabai.

14. What do you under stand by Sufibad?

15. What do you under stand by Aina – Dahashala?

16. What do you under stand by mahalbari bandowast?

17. Draw light on regulation of 1857?

18. What is Sahayak Sandhi?

19. What were the proposals of Crips mission?

20. What is the main ideology of Indian constitution?

Long answer question

1. Describe the main features of Indus Valley Civilization?

2. Write the cause of decline of Buddhism?

3. Draw light on comparative study of Jain religion and Buddha religion?

4. Describe the social condition of India explained by Alberuani?

5. Evaluate land settlement system of Akbar?

6. Explain cause and form of revolution of 1857?

7. What do you under stand by permanent settlement system? Explain its profit and loss?

8. Draw light on effect importance and program of Non-Co Operation Movement?

9. Evaluate the work of B. R. Ambedkar in reconstruction of modern India?

10. How Constitutional Assembly tried to solve language dispute?

Sample papers

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