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Sample Paper

10th  CBSE SA 2 – 2012



Read the following passage carefully:                                                      (5 marks)

1. I was shopping in my home town, I heard a young voice boon form across the aisle, “Mum, come here, there‘s a lady my size.   ‘the mortified mother rushed to the boy who looked about seven; then she turned to me to apologise. I smiled and told her, “its okay.       “Then I looked at her wide – eyed son. He studied me form head to   toe and asked, “Why are you so little? “ It’s the way God made me. Some people are little. Some are tall. I’ just not going to grow any bigger. “After five minutes of questioning he returned to his mother. My life as a little person is filled with stories like that. I enjoy talking to children and explaining why I look different from their parents. It has taken many years of developing my confidence to be able to do that. It takes only one glance to see my uniqueness. I stand three feet nine inches tall. I am an achondroplasia dwarf, which is a person having very short limbs. When I was born, my mother was told I was dwarf. Not knowing a lot about dwarfism my mum’s main concern was my health. Our family doctor put her mind at ease when he told her that I would not have any major medical concerns. He was right. When I was growing up, my parents encouraged me to do all the things the kids around me did. So when my neighbors got two – wheel bicycles, I got a two – wheel bicycle. When they roller – roller –skated. Our neighbours treated me as a normal person. I didn’t realize how short I was until I stared school. There a few kids picked on me calling me names. After that I began to gate the first day of school each year. I didn’t know who was new and would stare as I struggled to climb up the school – bus stairs. Some of the kids would point out and say, “Look at that kid. Look at her. “Boys could be especially men. As time went on I tried to smile and accept the fact that I was going to be noticed all my life. I was determined to make my uniqueness an advantage rather than a disadvantage. My friends became increasingly protective. What I lacked in height I made up for in personality. I had the ability to laugh, even at myself. I am 47 now, and stares have not diminished, as I’ve grown older. People ask my friends if I live in a dollhouse. They look in disbelieve when they see me get out of my car on the driver’s side. During those times I try to keep a good attitude. When people are rude I remind myself, “children’s questions make my life special. ‘ Look what else I have-a great family, nice friends. “Children’s questions make my life special. “Why are you so short? How old are you? Are you a mummy?” When I talk to children they leave content that their questions have been answered. My hope is that in taking time with them, I will encourage them to accept their peers, whatever size and shape they come in, and treat them with respect.

2. Answer the following questions by selecting the most appropriate options from the ones given below:

1. The word…………in the passage means the same as ‘inspire with confidence’

(a) encouraged          (b) uniqueness          (c) mortified           (d) personality

2. How did children’s questions make the writer feel?

(a) she felt depressed                                                (b) she felt admired

(c) she felt embarrassed                                            (d) she felt special

3. What special quality has the writer gained over the years?

(a) health                      (b) uniqueness           (c)  confidence  (d) medical concerns

4. The writer’s parents’ only worry was about her ……….about her………

(a) dwarfism                     (b) Physical development  (c) health      (d) over –confidence

5. Who could be especially rude to her?

(a) the boys                   (b) all the children         (c) her neighbours (d) her friends

3.  Read the following passage carefully:                       ( 20 marks)

Men and their activities have affected nature in a very significant manner.

Melting ice and warming waters have raised average sea level worldwide by more than an inch since 1995, new data from space satellites and robotic submarines have revealed.

That’s twice as fast as the rate the oceans rose during the previous 50 years, ocean expets said. If the current ate continues or accelerates, as they say is likely, the world’s seas will rise at least a foot by the end of this century, causing widespread flooding and easing of islands and low- lying coastal areas.

“Even a small change will matter to a whole lot of coastal people, If 15 percent of the Greenland ice sheet were to melt, much of South Florida would   be under water, “said Richard alley, a Geo scientist. The rise in the sea level was caused by a recent speed – up in the melting of glaciers and ice sheets, especially in Greenland and Antarctica, due to global warming, another serious man- made problem threatening the world with severe consequences.

Humans have significantly affected the flow of half ot the world’s major rivers by building dams, according to the first detailed global assessment of the activity’s impact.

Another study shows that dam building, among other human actions, has altered the amount of sediment that rivers carry to the coast, with implications for marine ecology, fisheries and coastal erosion.

The first study, led by Christer Nilson of the Landscape Ecology Group at Umea University, Sweden, assessed the extent to which dams affect 292 large river systems. These rivers drain 54 percent of the world’s land area and carry 60 percent of the planet’s river- water.

Previous surveys had only looked at rivers in the northern hemisphere. Nilson and colleagues added to this collection new data from Africa, Latin America and Australasia.

The team found that river flow has been strongly affected in four of the world’s ten largest fiver systems and moderately affected in the other six.

Fragmenting river systems and controlling their flow with dams has well known potential impacts on the ecology of rivers. Among other effects, dams disrupt the migration of animals up – and downstream, an impact that has been linked to the extinction of species of freshwater fish.

While areas upstream of dams are flooded to create reservoirs, wetlands downstream can dry out and the fertility of flood plain soil can decline.

Geo scientists insist that the severe ecological effects of building dams need to be accounted for in global planning for sustainable river management. They note that large dams are planned or under countries which need to take precautionary steps.

Almost half of these new dams will be on just four rivers: China’s Chang Jiang (also known as the yangtze River), where 49 new dams are planned, the Rio de la Plata in Latin America (29 new dams), the Shatt AL Arab in the Middle East (26 new dams), and the Ganges- Brahmaputra in South Asia (25 new dams).

Answer the following questions by selecting the most appropriate options from the ones given below:

1. A negative effect of building dams is:

(a) melting of ice sheets                       (b) global warming

(c) extinction of freshwater fish           (d) effective river management

2. How has man affected the flow of major rivers?

(a) fragmenting river systems

(b) lack of global planning for river management

(c) altering marine technology

(d) by building dams

3. What will happen if this is not checked?

(a) loss in fertility of flood plain            (b) extinction of fish

(c) island erosion                                   (d) land erosion

4. The word………….  In the passage means the same as ‘an investigative general study’:

(a) assessed                (b) surveys               (c) sustainable               (d) fragmenting

5. What factors has caused a rise in the average sea level?

(a) warming waters                                  (b) dam building

(c) uncontrolled river flows                    (d) creation of reservoirs

3. Complete the following paragraph on the basis  of your reading of the poem by writing the missing  word against the correct blank number in your answer sheet:


I lay in sorrow, deep distressed:

My grief a proud man heard;

His looks were cold, he gave me gold

But not a kindly word.

My sorrow passed -1 paid him back

The gold he gave to me;

Then stood erect and spoke my thanks

And blessed his Charity

I lay in want, in grief and pain:

A poor man passed my way;

He bound my head, he gave me bread

He watched me night and day.

How shall I play him back and day?

Four all he did to me?

Oh, gold is great, but greater far

Is heavenly Sympathy!

The poet lay in (a) ……….. and deep (b)  ……………when a rich and (c)  ……… helped him by giving him some (d) …………..he did not speak any (e)………words The poet’s (f)  ………..and grief passed and he (g) ………..the money he had been lent. Another time when he was in (h) …………a poor man (i) …………… him by giving

him (j) …………

4. Read the following passage carefully:

Maria Montessori was born in chiaraavalle near Ancona, Italy, in 1870. As a little girl, she was a dull student, unable to grasp and retain what her teacher taught her. At the age of 10, she suddenly changed. Besides her heightened interest in religion, she felt she had a long way to go.

Meria began topping her class, and her parents felt that she should become a teacher. But she was determined to become an engineer. At the age of 14, she attended a technical school for boys. After a year she took up biology and decided to study medicine. In spite of a strong opposition from her father, she went ahead with medicine.

Maria became the first Italian woman to receive a medical degree after she graduated from University of Rome in 1896. After getting her degree, she joined the university’s psychiatric clinic. As a part of her duty, she had to visit the city’s mental asylum, where disabled children were housed with the insane. She watched  the children shriek, stretching their hands out, with an urge to reach out or to touch something. Maria felt they needed a normal and friendlier environment and a contact with the world. She worked out ways by which he could help the disabled children. Dr. Bacelli opened an experimental state school for disabled children with Dr. Maria Montessori as its head. Meara spent long hours, almost 12 hours of the day with children, observing them and finding out what could really help them. After two years hard work, her students took the normal state school examination. And, her children proved that they were not hopeless cases. In fact, many did almost as well as other normal children.

Later, Maria was appointed professor of anthropology at the university. After seven years, she took up another important mission of the life. She started a kindergarten for the poor, normal children. She first taught them to become tidy, learn self- discipline and then taught them to read and write. In her colorful, stimulating kindergarten. She provided them with innovative made her system of education stimulating, and even inspired the educationists.

One of the world’s great educators, who looked up to a child as an individual and a very one of the world’s human being, was Maria Montessori. She gave the very young children the stimulating kindergarten, where children grew in an atmosphere of freedom and confidence.

On the basis of your reading of the above passage, complete the following sentences.

1. The disabled children’s success in …………….proved that they were as capable as the normal children.

2. Find a word in the passage which means the same as ‘that makes somebody more alert and   active.

3. As a child Maria was ………….student.

4. The children needed ……………environment.

5. The disabled children’s success in ….proved that they were as capable as the normal children.


5. You are Amrita. You have taken part in a medical camp organized by your club in a remote village. You are surprised to find that the people there area not only unhealthy but also uneducated. The nearest school is 15 km away and does not interest them. As a concerned citizen you decide to take up their cause and set up a Literacy Programme there. Taking ideas from the notes given below and form the unit on ‘Education’ along with your own ideas, write a letter to the editor of a newspaper about the people in the  village, the reasons for their pitiable condition and ways to improve their lot.( 120 words)

1. no schools

2. no idea of  a better life

3. authorities also not interested

4. make them understand the advantages of literacy programme (8 marks)

6. Even after sixty years of Independence women have to walk miles together in certain parts of the country of fetch water as shown in the given visual. There is not only the scarcity of water but water in most places is also contaminated. Using the given visual together with your own ideas, write an article in about 150 words on the scarcity of clean drinking water in the country. Also suggest how this problem can be solved.

7. Write a paragraph based on the given hints in about 80 words:

Recess Period in School.

Recess period – everyone looks forward to –relax time- take things easy- rejuvenates us for latter half of school – mid- day meal – teachers  – take a break – atmosphere of relaxation.


Q.8. Look at the notes given below and complete the paragraph that follows by choosing the most appropriate option.
Sanskrit -subject-curriculum of colleges-introduction-major Indian languages-colleges-option-subject-a scholarship-Rs. 3000/-.The BJB College-planning-tutorial classes-subject-students-clear doubts -continue study-the subject-immense scope
Sanskrit,as a subject in the curriculum of colleges,has got a new life.Sanskrit has been (a)———-major Indian language in many colleges. There is a scholarship of Rs.3000/-for those (b)———–the subject.The BJB College also (c)———tutorial classes for the subject so that students can clear their doubts.Those who (d)—–the subject have immense scope these days.
(a) (1) introduced as a (b) (1) that opt for
(11) introduced to a       (11) who opt for
(111) introduce as a       (111) whom opt for
(1v) introduced in a       (1v)  which opt for
(c) (1) plan to start (d) (1) continued to study
(11) planning of starting       (11) continues to study
(111) planning to start        (111) continue to study
(1v) plans to start         (1v)  continuing to study
Q9. Chose the most appropriate word from the options given below to complete the following passage.
Spending time (a)————–their kids brings immediate as well as long-term gains (b) ——-fathers. Children of an involved dad (c)————-more popular,get on better with their peers and are (d)————empathetic according to a research published (e)——–a Canadian study.Today,thanks (f)———-modern technology,fathers (g)———more time with their children even when they are (h)————–from home.
(a)(1) on                  (b)(1) to                      (c)(1) were (d)  (1)much
(11) with       (11) among            (11) was         (11) better
(111) along      (111) between           (111) is          (111) more
(1v) at     (1v) of           (1v) are          (1v) most
(e) (1) in (f) (1) of (g) (1)spend (h) (1) not
(11) by      (11) by      (11) spent       (11) away
(111) through      (111) to     (111) given       (111) outside
(1v) of      (1v) in       (1v) gave        (1v) outdoors
Q10. The following passage has not been edited . There is an error in each line .Write the incorrect word and the correction in your answer sheet as given below against the correct blank number .Remember to underline the word you have supplied.
Incorrect correct
The jungle was thick and dense.we
had to hold on to the vines to avoiding (a)———-          ————-
slipping on the mud paths .we had (b)———- ————–
walked for four hours but everyone (c)———- ————-
were tired .The sun was shining brightly (d)———- ————-
generating heat and vapour which will (e)——— ————–
soon turn from rain.we were given some (f)———- ————–
bread and cheese .After we had ate ,the (g)———- ————-
trip began again .Some of the weaker
members were already feeling tiring (h)———— ————-
Q11. Complete the following news reports accompanying the following headline by filling in the blanks
17 People were killed when———–in a supermarket at around 5.30 p.m. yesterday.
Queen Beatrix of Netherlands ————after a gap of 20 years.
The District Medical Officer———–into the death of a newborn baby at the General Hospital.
New rate for infants —————by Air Deccan.
Q12. Read the following conversation and complete the passage given below:
Ramesh: where are you going?
Rachana: I am going to school to collect my pass certificate.
Ramesh: How much did you score?
Rachana: I got good marks in all subjects except in Maths.
Ramesh: Let me know after you join a college.
Ramesh asked Rachana(a)——–. She said that she(b) ———pass certificate.
Ramesh,then wanted to know(c)———-.She replied that (d)—————– .
Ramesh wanted her to jet him know after she joined a college.
Q13A. Read the extracts and answer the following question choosing the most appropriate option.
Now the frog puffed up with rage.
“Brainless bird -you are on the stage-
Use your wits and follow fashion.
(a) why was the frog angry?
(1) the nightingale was not singing well
(11) the nightingale was not able to please the audience
(111) he was not able to make good money
(1v) he had been let down by the nightingale
(b) How does he show his anger?
(1)by scolding her strongly and loudly
(11) by asking the audience to leave
(111) by bringing her down from the stage
(1v) by ordering her to sing again
(c) What does the frog ask the nightingale to do immediately after this?
(1) He tells her that he will have to begin her vocal training from the beginning
(11) He tells her she can never sing again.
(111) He orders her to leave the stage.
(1v) He tells her to puff her lungs and sing passionately
And some in dreams assured were
of the spirit that plagued us so;
Nine fathom deep he had followed us
From the land of mist and snow.’
(a) What state of mind were they in?
(1) confused    (11)  angry       (111) sad      (1v)  cursed
(b) what were they sure of?
(1)of being under a curse (11) the ancient mariner’s wrong deed
(111) being followed by a spirit (1v) of hanging the dead albatross around the ancient mariner’s neck.
(c) The spirit followed them to
(1) ensure they remained in danger
(11) avenge the death of an innocent  bird
(111) make sure they remained in the land of snow
(1v) ensure they were miserable
Q13B.O,pardon me, thou bleeding piece of earth,
That i am meek and gentle with these butchers!
Thou art the ruins of the noblest man
That ever lived in the tide of times.
woe to the hand that shed this costly blood!
(a) when does Antony speak these lines ?who is referred to as a bleeding piece of earth?
(b) who are ‘these butchers’? why does he call them so?
(c) what does Antony mean by ‘this costly blood’?
Q14. Answer any four of the following question in 30-40 words each.
(a) ‘we were in the war too,but we were children’. what does the narrator mean by this statement?
(b) The haughty temper of the official had quite left him in his sorrow and anxiety and had laid bare his human heart.’in the lesson ,The Letter’, who is the official referred to? Give an example of his haughty behaviour.why does he (Ali) become sad and anxious?
(c) what message does the poet, Vikram Seth try to convey through the poem,”The Frog and the Nightingale”?
(d) Give two instances from the play ,’Julius caesar’ to prove that Mark Antony was a good orator.
(e) which blessing were experienced by the mariners when an albatross came to their ship?
Q15.Answer any one of the following questions:
Imagine that you are the have spent two years in the refugee want to return to Mozambique .Describe your reasons for doing so in a diary entry and also why your grandmother4 wants to remain in the camp.
Imagine you are Ali’s daughter , have come to know about the miserable condition of your father through a friend .you decide to write a letter to your father at once.


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