Chhatisgarh Board SSLC Exam Sample Paper Food and Nutrition

Sample papers

Chhattisgarh Board SSLC Sample Paper Food and Nutrition

Sample Paper – 2012

Subject – Food and Nutrition

  1. What do you mean by food preservation? Define its importance.
  2. Explain pasteurization and sterilization. Write its importance.
  3. Explain about that factor which affects the balance3 diet.
  4. How many types of food groups according to I.C.M.R? define
  5. Define type, causes symptoms and treatment of tuberculosis.
  6. What do you mean by food poisoning? How can we define natural food poisoning?
  7. Write the principles of food preservation.
  8. What is mal-nutrition? Explain
  9. Write the definition of Scurvy. Define its symptoms.
  10. Define the classification and composition of proteins.
  11. Prepare a diet plan for a lactating mother with a suitable diagram.
  12. Prepare a food plan for adolescent girl.
  13. What do you mean by food additives? Write any three types of additives.
  14. How many types of purchasing? Explain detail.
  15. What are the reasons of marasmus occur? What are its symptoms?
  16. What is vitamin? What is the importance of vitamin in our body?

Sample papers

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