Rajasthan 10th Board Exam Science Sample Paper

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Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education

10th exam sample paper

Subject – Science

1. 1. What is Karyotype and Gynome ratio in a human?

a. 1:1      b. 1:2            c. 2:1      d. 1:4

ii. What is the reason for color blindness in a daughter?

a. Father normal, Mother color blind

b. Father color blind, mother vector

c. Father normal, Mother vector

d. Father color blind, mother normal

iii. What is the name of radioactive element used in the treatment of tumor?

a. Cobalt (Co60) and Cesium (Cs 137)

b. Cobalt (Co60) and Gold (Au198)

c. Cobalt (Co60) and Gallium (Ga67)

d. Technetium (Tc99) and iodine (I131)

iv. The plant name is in column X and main alkaloid is inColumn Y:

Column X                                           Column Y

(P) Opium                                          i. Narcotine

(Q) Turmeric                                     ii. Nicotine

(R) Ashvagandha                              iii. Curcumin

(S) Tobacco           %

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