UP Board SSLC Exam Sample Paper Chemistry

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UP Board SSLC Sample Paper chemistry

Sample Paper – 2012

Subject – chemistry

1. What will happen when D-Glucose is treated with the following reagents (Write ens)–

i) Bromine water   ii) HNO3 ii) HI

2. List the reactions of Glucose which cannot be explained by open chain structure.

3. Write two main functions of Carbohydrates in  Plants.

4. What are Vitamins ? How are they classified ?

5. Mention the chief sources of Vitamin A and C.

6. Name the diseases caused due to lack of any three vitamins.

7.What are essential and non-essential amino-acids ? Give one example of each type.

8. Explain what is meant by- i) Peptide linkage  ii) Glycosidic linkage

9. Name two water soluble vitamins,their sources and the diseases caused due to their deficiency in diet.

10. Name two fat soluble vitamins,their sources and the diseases caused due to their deficiency in diet.

11. Name the four bases present in DNA.Which one of these is not present in RNA ?

12. Define the following terms in relation to Proteins – i) Primary structure  ii) Denaturing

13. Why are Carbohydrates generally optically active ?

14. Name the products obtained on complete hydrolysis of DNA.Write the structural differences between

DNA and RNA.

15. Amino acids may be acidic,basic or neutral.What makes it possible ?

16. What are essential and non-essential amino acids ? Name one of each type.

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