CG Board High Secondary Exam Sample Paper Biology

Sample papers

Chhattisgarh Board Higher Secondary Sample Paper Biology

Sample Paper – 2012

Subject – Biology

  1. Write the importance of crossing-over take place.
  2. Write the method of duplication of hereditary material take place.
  3. Explain the mendal’s law of segregation with a suitable diagram.
  4. What do you mean by Abscission? Define about its starting factors.
  5. Explain the role of pancreatic juice in digestion.
  6. Write the transmission of nerve impulse.
  7. What do you mean by incomplete dominance? Define it with a suitable example.
  8. Write the means of Sex linkage? Define it with the example of colour blindness along with diagram.
  9. What is the economic importance of plants of family Malvaceae.
  10. Define human sperm with the help of diagram.
  11. How can we differentiate between pollination and fertilization.
  12. What is the importance of pisciculture? Explain any three.
  13. What is the role of Azola in the paddy crop.
  14. Define any two objectives of genetic engineering.
  15. Mention any two causes of Ageing.
  16. Define the effect of temperature, light and humidity on the following process:

(i) Photo synthesis             (ii) Transpiration

Sample papers

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