CGBSE 10th Board Sample Paper History

Sample papers

CGBSE 10th Board 2012 Sample Paper History

Sample Paper – 2012

Subject – History

  1. Explain about the reason of 1917 Russian revolt.
  2. Describe the consequences of the revolution 1857? Define.
  3. Define the main characterises of Act 1935?
  4. Mention three effects of the Russian Revolution?
  5. Define the salient features of the programme of Home Rule Movement?
  6. Explain any five social reforms William Bentinck.
  7. Define about the effects of Industrialization.
  8. What were the reasons of rise of Nazism?
  9. Define the reason of the rise of fascism in Italy?
  10. Write the explanation about the Nazism.
  11. Write the name of four folk dances of Chhattisgarh.
  12. Define the architecture of Chhattisgarh.
  13. Define the main objectives of NATO.
  14. Define the reason of the construction of the SEATO.
  15. What is the importance of disarrangement?
  16. What do you mean by Veto power of U.N.O?
  17. Give any three reasons for the downfall of purtrgalies.
  18. What do you mean by Cold war? Define
  19. What is Renaissance? Explain briefly.
  20. Explain any four causes of the French Revolt.

Sample papers

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