AP Board of Intermediate Education IPE Zoology Sample Paper

Sample papers

 Andhra Pradesh Board of Intermediate Education

IPE 2012

Subject : Zoology

No of Total Questions:         21                                            Full Marks:         60

    Section – A

1       i)       Very short answer type question

ii)      Answer all questions

iii)            Each question carries two marks


  1. What is domino transplantation?
  2. Name two breeds of American Class.
  3. What is reproductive success
  4. What are holandric genes?
  5. What are haptens?
  6. Distinguish between diabetes insipidus and diabetes mellitus.
  7. Write the digital formula of fore limb of rabbit?
  8. Which veins unite to form hepatic portal vein in rabbit?
  9. What are temporal fossae name the bones that form the upper temporal bar.
  10. What are nuero mast organs of fishes? What are their functions?

   Section – B

II       i)      Short answer type questions

ii)               Answer any five questions

iii)            Each questions carries FOUR marks

  1. Discuss Drawin Theory of natural selection with industrial melanism.
  2. Explain the mechanism of cell mediated immunity.
  3. Draw labeled diagram of T.S of spinal cord.
  4. Describe the different types of feathers found in birds.
  5. Mention eight important characters of apoda.
  6. Explain different methods of transplantation.
  7. In a diploid population, which is in Hardy – Weinberg equilibrium one out of 10,000 in the population is recessive, which is a deleterious phenotype. What percentage of that population is heterozygous?
  8. Write down the production of monoclonal antibodies.

                  Section – C

III     i)      Long answer type question

ii)                Answer any two questions

iii)             Each questions carries EIGHT marks

  1. Describe gene expression. Explain gene regulation with the help of Lac operon.
  2. Write on essay on transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide.
  3. Explain the physiology of urine formation?

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