CGBSE 10th Board Sample Paper Geography

Sample papers

 CGBSE 10th Board 2012 Sample Paper Geography

Sample Paper – 2012

Subject – Geography

  1. Explain the main causes of centralisation of Cement Industry in Chhatisgarh.
  2. Write the short notes on the following rivers which blow in Chattanooga. Mahanadi b. Indiravati river
  3. Explain briefly on the following industries of Chhatisgarh Jute Industry b. Bidi Industry
  4. What do you mean by green revolution?
  5.  what is the importance of it in Indian Agriculture
  6. Where the coastal line in inlarge, why the fishing trade is backward in india
  7. How can we say unity of diversity in India explain with suitable arguments.
  8. Why it is necessary to conversation of natural resources
  9. Explain the reason for the decreasing sex ratio in India.
  10. Transport is called the backbone in the develoment of a country. Exlain about this statement.
  11. How can we differentiate between livelihood agriculture and commercial agriculture.
  12. What is the importance of sex ratio.
  13. How many types of major factor of transortation. Define
  14. Draw a suitable diagram of Radial pattern.
  15. Write any two characteristics of settlements in the rural settelments.
  16. Give one definition of human geography.

Sample papers

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