CBSE 11th Board Sample Paper Biology

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ICSE 11th Board 2012 Sample Paper Biology

ample Paper – 2012

Subject – Biology

Class – XI

Section A

 1. Why is cellulose considered a homopolymer?

2. Differentiate between G1 and G2 phases of Interphase.

3. A plant cell is kept in a hypotonic solution. What will happen to the solute potential of this cell and why?

4.  Name the genus ,family, order and class to which Wheat belongs

5. What is the economic importance of the following and to which family they belong?

[a] Indigofera  [b]   Colchicine

6. How is the gizzard in the alimentary canal of a cockroach suitable for grinding the


7. The Respiratory Quotient of a substance is only 0.7 .With the help of the equation

prove it.

 Section B


8.  Name the most widely used compound, as a source of ethylene. List its functions in tomato ,walnut and cucumber.

9.  In what form is potassium absorbed by the plants. Write four functions of potassium in plants.                                                             10. Name the three arrangements of leaves shown on different stems. What is it called as? Give one example of each kind.

11. Two groups ( A and B ) of bean plants of similar size and same leaf area we placed in identical conditions. Group A was exposed to light of waveleng 400 – 450 nm and Group B to light of wavelength 500 – 550 nm. Compare the photosynthetic rate of the two groups giving reason.

12. What is the technical name of fungi imperfecti ? Why is it so called? State two

characters of it and give two examples of the same.

13.  Experiments were carried out to investigate the action of two enzymes at different

pH values .All experiments were carried out at 37 degrees for 20 minutes.

14.  What interpretation can you draw from the graph?

[b] What happens to the pepsin reaction between pH 4 and 5 ?Why?

Observe the given graph and answer

15. The given diagram shows a  cell organelle. List its importance for our survival.

16. Write four ways by which an earthworm is economically useful.

17. What is wood botanically ? Differentiate between hard and soft wood.

18. Write the floral formula of an actinomorphic ,bisexual ,hypogynous flower with five

united sepals, five free petals, five free stamens and two united carpels with superior

ovary and axile placentation.

  Section C

 19. The dominant phase of spirogyra is free living gametophyte whereas as in the gymnosperm the gametophyte is dependant . Illustrate the differences between the  two life cycles.

20. Based on the position of calyx ,corolla and androecium in respect of the ovary

on thalamus ,the flowers can be described in three ways.

21. Connective tissues are classified into three kinds. Describe each kind.                                 22. Organic chemists describe it as two dimensional view of the molecule ,physicists

conjure up a three dimensional view of the molecule while the biologists describe

it as a four level molecule. Which molecule is being focused on? Describe its

structure and function.

23. Where does glycolysis occur in a cell? Explain its different steps.

24. Briefly describe the fate of ammonia in plants . Give the reactions

Define [i] Differentiation [ii] Redifferentiation  [iii] Dedifferentiation.

25. Where do they take place? Figure shows the effect of light on the rate of photosynthesis. Based on the graph,

26.  Answer the following questions.

[a] At which point(s) ( A, B, or C) ,in the curve is light a limiting factor?

[b] What could be the limiting factor(s) in the region A?

[c] What do C and D represent on the curve?

Section D

        27. Why do C3 plants suffer from photorespiratory losses? Explain the mechanism of



       Explain the formation of root nodule in a legume plant? Why is it pinkish in colour?

Give its advantage.

28. Describe the events that occur during Prophase I


 29.   Explain any five classes of enzymes.  Identify the stem and explain the process  taking place in the four stages  What is the significance of this process ?

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