ICSE 11th Board Sample Paper Computer Science

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ICSE 11th Board 2012 Sample Paper Computer Science

Sample Paper – 2012

Class – XI

Subject – Computer Sience   


 Q1.  Explain about Software and its types.

Q2.  Explain about the basic operations of a computer

Q3  What is Micro Computers? Define any two types of it.

Q4 What do you mean by Source Code?

Q5 How can be differentiate between the logical errors and runtime errors with one example each?

Q6 Write down the steps to be followed while running a program.

Q7 Write about the use of comments in a program and its types?

Q8 What are the characteristics of a good program?

Q9 .  An Error in a program is known as _________.

Q10 Draw the symbol used in the flow chart to read the values?

Q11 What is the difference between the ‘a’ and “a”?

Q12 Write any four escape sequence characters?

Q13 What will be the result of the following two expressions if i=10 initially?



Q14 Explain tokens in details with example

Q15 Find errors if any in the following statements.



cout<<”Enter a number”;


Q16 Define operators and its types?

Q17 Generate the series 0,1,1,2…N

Q18 What are Iteration Statements?  Explain them in detail.

Q19 .  Write a program to transpose the matrix of size M*N?

Q20 Explain various types of Constants with example.

Q21 Write a program to compare two strings without using functions.

Q22 Write a program to find the factorial of 1 to 10 number ?

Q23 What does booting of the system mean?

Q24 Why C++ is called object oriented language?

Q25 Write a program to input square matrix and interchange rows to column and column to   rows.

Q26 How many times “hello” will be printed in the following code fragment:

for (i=0; i<5; i++)

for (j=0; j<4; j++)

cout<< “hello”;

Q27 Explain procedural programming and modular programming

Q28 Write a program to reverse a number.

Q29 . Find the syntax error(s), if any, in the following program:

# include(iostream.h)

void main ( )

int X,Y;


for(Y=0,Y<10, Y++)

if X= =Y





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