ICSE 11th Board Sample Paper Home Science

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ICSE 11th Board 2012 Sample Paper Home Science

Sample Paper – 2012

Subject – Home Science

Class – XI

1.         Explain about Kashmiri and Kantha Stitches.
   Explain about any four stitches which are used in Embroidery.
2.      Write the definition of Malnutrition. What is reason behind it?
3.      Write the explanation about thyroid and adrenal gland with the help of suitable Diagram.
4.      Define the name and function of the hormones which is secreted by Master gland.
5.      Write the definition of Respiration? Explain the name and functions of respiratory organs.
6.      Mention about the method by which you can treat the patient Hysteria.
7.         If something goes in the eyes, how can be first aid?
8.      Write the explanation about food preservation? Define the food value of preserved food products.
9.         Explain the factors that affect heredity.
10.       How can be defined the law of Mendel’s inheritance?
11.       Write the reason of deterioration of food?
12.       If anyone is fainted, how will you treat the patient?
13.    What are the main factors to be kept in mind, while cleaning?
14.    Write any two name of that disease which is caused by the deficiency of protein.
15.       Explain about Lungs with a suitable diagram.
16.       What do you mean by annual cleaning?
17.    What first aid will you adopt on insertion of insect in the air?
18.       What do you mean by Starch?
19.       What is it necessary to prepare patient’s chart?
20.       Write the definition of Heredity?
21.       What do you mean by Hormones?
22.       What is Malnutrition?
23.       Write the full form of W.H.O.

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