CBSE 12th Board Sample Paper Autocad

Sample papers

 Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

Sample Paper – 2012
Class – XII
Subject – Autocad

 Answer these question

  1. What do you mean by cropping in Sound Forge?
  2. What is hyper linking? Explain
  3. How can be differentiate between empty tags and container in HTML?
  4. Write the explanation about grouping of objects?
  5. Write the function of adding sound and video to PowerPoint presentation?
  6. What is MPEG and AVI formats? Write the deference between it.
  7. Define HTML code to generate the following output:






  1. Heading is Blue
  2. Page title is ‘Student’
  3. Text is red
  4. Explain Html code to generate the following output:


  1. Music
    1. Vocal music
    2. Percussion
    3. Modelling
    4. Swimming
    5. Sports
      1. Cricket
      2. Basketball


  1. Points in Roman are blue
  2. Heading of page is red.
  3. Give output of the following HTML code:




<H1>Application Software</H1>


<LI> Customised

<LI> Utilities




  1. Define following:
    1. HTML
    2. CAD
    3. FTP
  2. Answer the following:
    1. Explain the method to added video to a web page.
    2. How can be say, filters useful in digital video editing?
    3. Write the name of two movie film formats.
    4. What is resolution?
    5. What is the role of a search engine?
    6. Explain frame rate in animation?
  3. Multiple choice question: (give your answer in one line)
    1. _____________ is used for image editing:
      1. Media player
      2. Fruity Loops
      3. Corel Draw
      4. None of these
    2. Isometric Drawing is used in
      1. Word
      2. AutoCAD
      3. Power point
      4. None of these
    3. Which types of packages is used for developing website?
      1. Net scape Composer
      2. MS Front Page
      3. Dream weaver
      4. All of the above
    4. Which types of package used for Engineering Drawing:
      1. HTML
      2. AutoCAD
      3. Paint
      4. None of the above
    5. Which of the following is not a search engine?
      1. MSN Search
      2. AutoCAD
      3. Google
      4. None of the above
  4. Fill in the blanks:
    1. Adobe premier is used for …………….
    2. Sound Forge is used to ………………
    3. ……………….. attribute is used to give background sound to a web page.
    4. Extension of a ADOBE Photoshop file is ………………
    5. JPEG stands for ……………….
Sample Paper / model Test Paper for CBSE 12th 2012

Sample papers

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