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12th Board Sample Paper
Subject – History
  1. Shows the natural states in First World War on the given outline map of Europe.
  2. What is the reason of rise of Fascism initially.
  3. What was the role of Meijini in reconstruction of italy.
  4. Explain the main principles of internal policy of Gorvachov?
  5. Write the name of axis power in Second World War.
  6. Give the explanation about Mustafa Kamal Pasha.
  7. What was the reason of First World War?
  8. Write the chief object of establishment of League of Nations?
  9. Explain impact economic recession put onU.S.A.
  10. Write an essay on the Government of India 1919.
  11. Write the name of prominent leader of Bolshevik Revolution, 1917.
  12. Which type of work had been done by Indian National Congress between 1885 to 1905 A.D
  13. Explain the main feature of Glorious Revolution of England in 1688?
  14. Give your view on the effects of Revolution of 1857.
  15. What is Social Justice? What provisions have been made for it in Indian Constitution?
  16. Shows the name and place on the map of India where revolution occurred in 1857.
  17. Write the name of that first ten year when census was done in India?
  18. What do you mean by Wavell Plan and as well as define the reason that why it failed?
  19. What is the name of first Governor General of Bengal?
  20. Define the immediate causes of Revolution of 1857?
  21. when Amritsar was signed between Ranjeet Singh and the English?
  22. Define achievement and life of Hyder Ali.
  23. What was the main reason of circumstances Lucknow agreement was signed between Congress and Muslim League in 1916?

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