JAC 12th Board Home Science Sample paper

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Jharkhand Academic Council
12th Board Sample Paper
Subject – Home Science
  1. Write the means of standardisation mark? Explain its various type.
  2. How can be make making Shop? Explain its hot method?
  3. What is difference between soap and detergent? Mention about their disadvantage and advantage.
  4. Explain a day’s diet for your family.
  5. How can be defining considered while planning meals for a lactating mother?
  6. Write complete notes on the utility of water as well as advantage of it.
  7. How can be explain liquid diet? Which types of patient can use it?
  8. Define advertisement. Describe briefly that how advertisements mislead the consumers?
  9. Write the explanation about Solvent Method?
  10. Give your suggestion for that family who want to increase their direct income.
  11. Write any two reasons for giving D.P.T vaccine.
  12. Whose type of employ can use General Provident Fund Scheme?
  13. Why is colostrums particularly beneficial for infants? Define clearly.
  14. Write any two name of that type of deaseas which is spreaded by air.
  15. How many types of cheques?
  16. Explain any two types of Real income.
  17. What do you mean by food groups? Write any five food groups.
  18. What is investment?
  19. Write the definition of mobile crèche?
  20. Explain the aim of I.C.D.S.
  21. Write the full form of O.R.S?
  22. What is consumer education?
  23. How many types of stains?
  24. Write the name of various emotions which emerge during the first year.
JAC Sample paper / model test paper

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