AP Board of Intermediate Education IPE Physics Sample paper

Sample papers

  Andhra Pradesh Board of Intermediate Education

IPE 2012

Subject : Physics

Time: 3 hours                                                           Marks: 60

General instruction:

All questions are necessary

TWO marks is for each questions                    10X2=20

very short answer type question

 Section – A

  1. A moving coil galvanometer can measure a current of 10-6A. What is the resistance of the shunt to measure 1A?
  2. Write two differences between emf and p.D.
  3. The potential of earth is taken as zero. Explain?
  4. When is the parallel combination of cells advantageous and why?
  5. What type of transformer is used in a bed lamp?
  6. What is the moment of couple acting on a magnet place in a magnetic field becomes (a) Maximum  (b) Minimum
  7. Define modulation?  Why is it necessary?
  8. What is a p-n junction diode? Define depletion layer.
  9. Draw the circuit’s symbols for n-p-n and p-n-p transistors?
  10. What is work function? Define threshold frequency?                                                                            Section – B
  11. Answers any six question and each questions obtained four marks
  12. What is rectification? Explain the working of a full wave rectifier?
  13. Define Moseley’s Law? Write its importance?
  14. Apply kirchhoff’s laws to wheatstone bridge.
  15. Define Thomson effect and peltier effect? Define Thomson coefficient, peltier coefficient?
  16. Write any four application of diffraction?
  17. Define the capacity of a condenser and explain the principle of a capacitor?
  18. Describe Ramsdeu’s eye-piece with the help of a meat sketch?
  19. Derive the wquation for the couple acting on a bar magnetic field and hence define magnetic moment.

Section – C

LONG ANSWER TYPE QUESTION                                                                                                               Answer any two questions                                                                                                                                                                                                   Each question takes eight marks                       2X8=16

  1. What are ‘Harmonics’ and ‘overtones’? How are they formed in an open pipe? Derive the equations fir the frequencies of the harmonics produced in an open pipe.
  2. An open pipe and a closed pipe are in resonance with each     other with their first overtones. Find the ratio of their lengths.
  3. What is nuclear Reactor? Explain different parts and uses of reactor? Mention two uses of a Nuclear Reactor? If one microgram of 92U235 is compleely destroyed in an atom bomb, how much energy will be released?
  4. Obtain an expression for the torque on a current carrying loop in a magnetic field. Describe the construction and working of a moving coil galvanometer. Derive an expression showing the relation between electric current and deflection of the coil.

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