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Rajgir, a prominent and historical and religious place of Bihar in India, is situated in the district of Nalanda. In ancient times its name was Giribraj and it was the capital of the mighty king Jarasandh. Rajgir is a religious place related to the Hindus, the Muslims, the Buddhist and the Jains. People from different parts of country and world come here to visit every year. Rajgir is surrounded by five hills and a pleasant place to tour.

After every three years Malmas fair is held here. In this fair, people from India and abroad come to participate and enjoy. These days Malmas fair is being celebrated in Rajgir.


This is a city situated 105 km far off from Patna in the south-east direction. Patna is the capital of state Bihar in India. This is situated at few miles distance from Nalanda (district headquarter Biharsharif). Biharsharif is connected with Patna through NH-31.


1. Gaya is the nearest international airport and in Patna, there is also an International airport (Jayprakash Narain airport).

2. Gaya Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Rajgir and the distance between Gaya and Rajgir is about 35 kms.

3. One can go to Patna junction and use train direct Patna to Rajgir.

4. Many Buses directly go from Patna (Karbigahia bus stand) to Rajgir daily.

5. One can hire car or delux bus from Karbigahia bus stand Patna.

6. From Biharsharif bus stand a number of buses go there on regular time interval daily.

7. There are also regular buses from bus stand Gaya and taxies are also available.


1. Vishwa shanti stupa: –

vishwa shanti stupa rajgir

It is a magnificent monument to see. Lord Buddha gave teachings to pupils here. His teachings were firstly recorded in writing at this site. It is situated on a top of Griddhkut hill. It has grand structure. Message of world peace and universal brotherhood is given by it. Rajjumarg, a way of rope is available to go here. Its journey gives great thrill and enjoyment.

2. Venuban:
This place is very beautiful. It is full of lovely flowers and green trees. Here is also a beautiful bamboo garden. Big statue of Mahatma Buddha is installed here. Lord Buddha always resided in Venuban.

3. Brahmkund: –

It is a hot water spring. It is pleasant to take bath here. Its water has medicinal effect. Here are also warmer water springs like Satdharwa, Makhdum kund etc.

4. Saptparni cave: –

There is a hill on the top of which a big pond is situated. After the “Mahaparinirvana” of Lord Buddha the first Buddhist council was convened here.

5. Bimbisara Jail:-

This is a jail in which the king of Magadh, Ajatshatru imprisoned his father Bimbisara.

6. Amarvan garden: –

In Rajgir the Royal physician Jivaka lived in ancient time. It is said that he had treated the wounds of Mahatma Buddha here.

7. Ajatshatru Fort: –

This is a fort built by the king of Magadha, Ajatshatru in 6th Century B.C. It is said that he has also built 6.5 meter stupa.


Chariot route marks: –

According to epic of Mahabharata period, Lord Krishna visited Rajgir to defeat Jarandha, the king of Magadha at that time. A peculiar marks cut deep into rock. It is said that this mark was cut by wheel of Lord Krishna chariot.

Other places of interest are, Virayatan Jain Temple, Jarasandha ka Akhara, Karanda tank, Swarana bhandra, etc.

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