Beauty can be saved by practicing yog and pranayam. Actually yog and pranayam can be a better means to save our face from adverse situation like hot weather, pollution, stressful work, etc.

Actually, during practicing pranayam we breath in more amount of oxygen than normally we breath in. Thus, by practicing pranayam oxygen level of our body increases and cells of the body become oxygenated and healthy. At one side this oxygen gives extra power and life to cells and at other hand it excretes wastes very strongly. So, by practicing pranayam cells of whole body as well as skin of our face becomes fresh and healthy. This also makes us beautiful and fresh all the time.

Constipation, etc. are also gone after doing pranayam, which is a big cause of making our skin of the face unhealthy. So by plasticizing pranayam regularly, we can make us beautiful and got mental peace too.

Period of practicing pranayam for face: –

1. Bhastrika – 5 minutes
2. Kapal Bhati – 15 minutes
3. Bahya pranayam – 3 times (it takes only one minute)
4. Anulom vilom – 15 minutes
5. Bharamari – 3 to 5 times (it takes only one minute)
6. Udgeeth – 3 to 5 times (it takes only one minute)
7. Dhyan – 2 minutes

Now a day, even famous actresses, actors, industrialists, etc. practice yog and pranayam regularly.

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