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Question: – Why Sepia visits a doctor?

Answer: – Sepia is a tired person. She is tired to such an extent that feels no energy and vigour in her. She is completely exhausted. Sepia comes to a doctor when she finds herself in following conditions: –

  • Despair – existence, about her miserable
  • Delusion – unfit – life; for
  • Delusion – poor, he is (loss of strength means poor in strength and she feels she is not well)
  • Delusion – emptiness, off (the feeling is that all the energy has been drained out)
  • Delusion – sick, being
  • Delusion – sick, being – work, and for this reason will not (feels that she or he is unwell and would not be able to work further)
  • Shrieking – pain, with the
  • Delusion – emptiness; of

For rescue, what he does?
He visits a doctor and pray him fervently for some solution.

  • Praying – fervent

Version of patient: –

(1) “doctor you are like God to me, I am very much worried about the problem, please do something for me”
(2) Says with folded hands together – “doctor sahib am fully depending on you, please save me”

From the beginning Sepia patient loves to work for the family, for the house. She loves her children, husband, everybody at the house very much, and enjoys her work to the maximum.

Further Sepia has lack of feeling of love, affection or lack of realisation, lack of ability to register affections.

Sepia is not indifferent, estranged, hatred, irritable, etc. from beginning. The life situation forced her to adapt to this state of extreme stoical personality.

It is not there is no love in sepia, but there is lack of manifestation on her part because she adapts to the state of total indifference as nobody reciprocated her pure love.

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