Sehgal system of Revolutionized homoeopathy has given a new idea to treat the patient depending only on mental symptoms. Its success rate is increasing surprisingly. So, Here is mental state and related mental symptoms are given. Today, the subject is Gelsimium Samper

In the state of sickness Gelsimium wants quietude. He has aversion to be disturbed. He does not like any type of speech. Even he becomes irritable, when anyone speaks to her. Further he can be wild on whom who disturbs him or tries to break his state of quietude.

Rubrics: –

  • Quiet want to be
  • Disturbed averse to being
  • Spoken to being aversion
  • Irritability – spoken to when

Why all these symptoms related to Gelsimium?

Because of this Rubric: –

  • Confusion of mind – will, muscle will refuse to obey the will, when attention is turned away

Gelsimium persons continuously concentrate his attention to his muscles by will, so that he could not loose his self control.

  • Fear – self control of loosing

Analysis of mental state of patient: –

Gelsimium patient likes to attain the state of quietude and wish not to be disturbed. He does not like to indulge in any type of activities. He wants: –

Not to be asked

Not to answer

No movement

Lying still

Fear to change his position

Not to loose comfort (clinging to comfort)

Likes to fight on his own

That is why person feels embarrassed and becomes irritable; he may even become delirious and wild, because he knows how difficult it is for him to regain that position.

On behalf of will he will concentrate his attention to his disease affected area. Even he goes into the state of torpor, in the state of
stupefaction (unconsciousness), eyes cannot open
Also in this condition he continuously concentrates his attention towards his affected part.

Now how can he return from this state?

  • Light – desire for

This is the only rubric which can hold the will of the patient away from he body, and gives and pain is ameliorated.

Another aspect of ‘Light desire for’ in Gelsimium: –

Gelsimium patient desired to be lighted. He desires pleasure. The pleasure, he likes, he uses to get from anywhere. For example – If a friend, he likes, is talking with him, he is watching cinema, he is playing computer games, mobile games etc, but as these lights are taken away from him, he goes in the state of Torpor, stupefaction. So, we can say as long as the patient is in the state of favorable circumstances, he has tremendous confidence. As the adverse circumstances comes in, the confidence shatters and fear of loosing self control shatters and fear of loosing self control comes in.

If Gelsimium patient does not able to get light from anywhere, he summons his pleasant past and gets light in this.

  • EXHILARATION – can recall things long forgotten.

The successful past gives him the air to swim into the present. In many cases this past is strong enough to boost his confidence which in turn makes his will strong enough to face the situation.
It looks like Egotism, but it is not, because the person is not speaking of his capability rather concerned with source of his confidence. In other words, we can say the source of light, once he gets, does not want to leave it, because it gives him tremendous confidence.

individual is a nervous, excitable and cowardice person. He has all the capabilities and he can perform any tough work, but his problem is when the mind is working productively, he gets excited and that excitement leads to committing of some mistake and this frightens the person.

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