Salt is an important part of our blood. In 100 ml of blood 0.9 gm salt is present. This is essential to maintain RBC. Salt also helps in dissolving protein.

It maintains the amount of water in body and balanced it. That is why; in dehydration solution of salt and sugar with water is given. It also contributes in palpitation of heart.

Now the big question is that how much salt we should take in our food? Although food without salt is not delicious for us, but more than limitation it is harmful for our health.

For an adult person 5 gram of salt is essential to be healthy. So we should not take more amount of salt than this amount. Since we take some salt in our food naturally just as in onion, pulses, green vegetables etc. has some amount of salt. So we should take 3-4 gram of salt daily. Less than this amount of salt can also harm our health, because lacks of salt can imbalance the quantity of water in our body.

More salt can affect our health in following way: –

  • Stress is increased by extra quantity of salt. It affects nervous system.
  • Salt increases blood pressure, because of more quantity of salt increases the volume of blood and heart has to work more than its capacity.
  • Salt weakens bones. It decreases the quantity of calcium, so bones become weak.
  • More quantity of salt is load for kidneys. Kidneys have to work more to excrete salt. Kidneys has its limitations, they are affected badly by extra quantity of salt.
  • Body weight increases due to more quantity of salt.
  • Lungs are also affected due to extra quantity of salt.

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