Obesity is now common problem related to health. It is the main problem of new lifestyle generation. It also caused many diseases. Hypertension, diabetes, anxiety depression etc. are the main diseased caused by obesity. It also decreases work power and efficiency. So, if anyone wants to be healthy and happy, he should firstly decrease his weight and put it under control.

Yog, pranayam and diet control is the main way, by which weight can be put under control. Here are some tips of Yog, Pranayam and diet by which anyone control his weight in minimum time: –

There are seven pranayams. One should practice these seven pranayams daily for minimum 40 minutes and maximum one hour daily. These pranayams are: –

a. Bhastrika – 5 minutes
b. Kapal Bhati – 15 to 25 minutes
c. Bahya – 3 to 5 times
d. Anulom-vilom – 15 – 25
e. Bhramari – 3 to 5 times
f. Udgeeth – 3 to 5 times
g. Dhyan – 2 minutes

If one has to decrease weight more rapidly, he should give up food made by grains and live on vegetables and fruits for some days.
If anyone follows this way his weight should be lost at the rate of approximately half an hour per day.

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