Haridwar is a religious site of India. This place is one of the most auspicious places related to Hindu religion. Haridwar is situated at the right bank of Ganga River.

Haridwar is greatly famous for Kumbh and Ardhkumbh fairs. During Kumbh fair millions of people and devotees from all part of India accumulate here for sacred bath. Devotees from foreign countries also come for the purpose of sacred Kumbh bath. Kumbh fair is held here after every 12 years.

Many mythologies are famous related to Haridwar. It is said that the ‘Amrit’ obtained from ‘Sagarmanthan’ fell down at four places- Haridwar,Allahabad, Ujjain and Nasik. At these four sacred places the Kumbh fair is held simultaneously..

About Haridwar it is said that ancestors of Prince Bhagirath were perished due to Kapila’s curse. So, Prince Bhagirath prayed here for apology to salvage the soul of his ancestors. Bhagirath was blessed and the holy river Ganga descended on the earth. And its water re-energized king Sagar’s sons. After that it became a tradition of Hindues to stand in water of the Gangage in Haridwar and pray for the salvation of their ancestor’s soul.


1. Nearest airport is Jolly Grant airport. It is 41 Kms. Away from Haridwar.

2. In Hardwar, there is a well maintained Railway station and and it is connected with New Delhi, Dehradun and other major places and cities.

3. haridwar is located on NH-45 and it is connected to all big cities. New Delhi is 214 km far off from Haridwar. Many buses and taxies are available from New Delhi ISBT and Anand Vihar bus stand New Delhi at regular interval.

Here are name of some hotels, their addresses and phone numbers:


Haveli Hari Ganga — House 21, Ramnagar — 01334-2226443

Classic Residency — Haridwar-Delhi Road — 01334-4228005

Midtown — Railway Road — 01334-2427507

Sager Ganga Resorts — Niranjani Akhade Road, Mayapur — 01334-2422115

Places worth visiting:-

1. Har ki pauri: –

This is a ghat of the river Ganga. This is the most important and sacred place of Haridwar. People say that prayers of them are accepted by Ganga mata, who float a lamp in ghee here. It is also known as Brahmkund.

Here Ganga aarti in the evening is spectacular. This site of Haridwar is famous for ‘kumbh’ fair. During Kumbh, people take a dip with great devotion. Here devotees also pray for the salvation of their ancestor’s soul.

2. Mansa Devi temple:-

This temple is situated at the top of Bilwa mountain, Haridwar. Here is a ropeway to go to the temple. One can also go on foot there through stairs. A beautiful statue of Goddess is here, who has five arms and three mouths, while other having eight arms.

From here, excellent scene of Haridwar can be enjoyed.


This temple is situated at the top of Neel Parwat at Haridwar. According to sources, it is said that Goddess Chandi killed giants Chanda Munda. This temple is dedicated to her. There is a statue of Devi Chandi. This temple was built by Sushat Singh, The king of Kashmir in 1929


As its name, this temple is dedicated to Goddess Maya Devi. The Goddess is ADHISTHATRI Goddess of Haridwar. According to the some mythology the heart and navel of Goddess Sati fell down here.


This is a bridge on river Ganga. From here one can see spectacular view of the ghats and ganga canal.


In south Kankhal town, a temple of ancient Shiva (Mahadev) is located here. A beautiful statue of Shiva is here.


This is the place where seven saints meditated and river Ganga change her way to avoid disturbance to them.


Rishikesh: –

rishikesh, haridwar

Rishikesh is located on the right bank of holy river Ganga. It is 24 kms distant from Haridwar.It is surrounded by the Shivalik range from three sides. It is the starting point of ‘char dham’.

The airport nearby is Jolly Grant airport of Dehradun Which is 17 kms away from this town.

Haridwar rishikesh road lies on the left side of river Ganga. Ram Jhoola and Lakshman Jhoola are two hanging bridges to cross over the river Ganga. Large number of monkeys can be seeen on the railing of the Jhoolas.

Actually this town is spiritual centre of India. This town is full of temples and Ashramas. Devotees from all over India and abroad come here to meditate and get true light. International yoga week is held every year from 2 Feb to 7 Feb.

Ram Jhoola: –

This is a hanging bridge. It is built between Shivanand Ashram and Swargashram.

Lakshman Jhoola: –

lakshman jhoola rishikesh near haridwar

This is also hanging bridge across the river Ganga to cross over. This bridge is without any pillar and hanging with iron rope. This is a famous bridge in Rishikesh. On the side of this bridge there is Raghunath Ji temple.

Bharat Mandir: –

This is a temple dedicated to Lord Ram’s brother Bharat. It is situated near triveni Ghat and is the oldest temple in Rishikesh.

Neelkanth Mahadev: –

It is placed on the top of a hill across river Ganga. It is said that the venom produced after sagar manthan.and Lord Shiva drank it. After this the throat of the Lord turned blue and he was named neelkanth.

Triveni Ghat: –

It is a holy bathing ghat on the bank of river Ganga. It is believed that river Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati converge here.

Shivanand Ashram:

Shwami Shivanand established this spiritual centre. Here classes of meditation and yoga are held. Here training of meditation and yoga is also given.

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