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Gaya is a historical well as religious place situated in Bihar in India. It is a pilgrimage of Hindues located at the bank of Falgu river. Vishnupad is the most religious site of Gaya. Gaya is said to be the ‘land of ancestors’. Millions of people from every part of the country and abroad come here every year to pray for blessings, fulfilment and freedom from life cycle of their ancestors. It is called ‘Pindadan‘ and it is held every year in the month of Ashwin (krishnapaksh). According to epics Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, Lord yamraj, Dharmraj and many saints and legends performed ‘yagya‘ here.

There are many hills like Ramshila hill, Pretshila hill, Brahmyoni hil,l etc. are among the Gaya city. To visit here can be an enjoyable moment. It is a nice place for tourists. Since Bodhgaya is situated near(14 kms) Gaya. So tourists, who come Bodhgaya, casually enjoy the visit of Gaya.


1. The nearest airport is at Gaya. Flights from Kolkata. Bangkok, Kathmandu are available here.

2. Here is railway Junction lies on Grand Cord line.

3. Buses are available for everywhere from here.


Name of some hotels and average rates: –




Siddhartha International


Rs. 1300 Onwards

Siddhartha International Hotel


Rs. 1400 Onwards

Buddha Hotel


Rs. 200 Onwards

Rahul Guest House


Rs. 200 Onwards

Mayur Hotel


Rs. 200 Onwards

Surya Hotel


Rs. 400 Onwards


1.Temple of Vishnupad

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This temple is situated on the bank of river Falgu. In this temple, there is a mark of feet of Lord Vishnu. According to epics, on the request of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu appeaed here and put his feet on the body of a giant Gayasur. This mark of feet of Lord Vishnu is worshipped here with great devotion and faith.

2. Brahmyoni hill

This is a hill situted at GayaBodhgaya road in the city of Gaya. This is the highest peak of Gaya. Here is a temple of Brahmeshwar on the top of the hill. In this temple statue of Lord Brahma is established.

This is a pilgrimage site and it isaid that the one , who crosses the ladders of the Brahmyoni (built in the shape of yoni), achieves Lord Brahma.

3.Ramshila Hill

This is located 3 kms away from railway station on the bank of river Falgu. This is on hight 472 ft. On the top of this hill there is a temple. To reach on the top 340 ladders are built.

According to Purans the hill is called ‘Prabhashgiri‘. Here in the temple statues of Lord Ram janaki, Lord Ganesha and Shivling of Sphatik stone.

4. Mangla Gauri hill

This is a famous hill at GayaBodhgaya road and 3 kms away from station. Here is also many temples related to Lord Ganesha, Shiva, HanumanAnnpurna etc. This is also called ‘Bhashmkut giri‘. On the top of the hill, there is a temple dedicated to Lord Avimukteshwarnaath. Here is statue of Lord Chaturbhuj.

According to ancient epics, on this hill Breast of mata Sati was fallen down and from that time it is a ‘Siddahpeeth‘.

5. Pretshila Hill

This hill is 10 kms away from Gaya station. On the top of the hill, there are statues of Dharmraj and Yamraj. Beside the hill there is a watwer tank. It is said that here ‘Pind dan‘ is performed for whom, who died in early age.

Sheetala Mata Temple

This spectacular temple is dedicated to Mata Sheetala. Here is a bog pond. Ladders are made all around the pond.

Bangla Sthan

This is a beautiful temple dedicated to Mukhi Mata.Here is also statue of made of ‘ashtdhatu‘ of Chaturbhuji Bagla. this is situated at the distance of 2 kms frm Gaya station

More sites worth seeing in Gaya

Gadadhar Temple,

Bhairav Sthan,

Karmadeshwar and Baraheshwar Temple,





Gayatri Temple,

Vaitarni Sarovar,





Gayasir ,


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