Air Force Inter Technical Group ‘x’ – Previous year Question Paper – English

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Air Force Inter Technical Group ‘x’ previous year Question Paper

Subject – English

Directions (1-2): Choose appropriate Antonyms for the given word.

1. Cheap

(a) Repulse          (b) careful           (c) nubile             (d) worthy

2. Cancelled

(a) Meekness      (b) cunning          (c) confirmed      (d) stopped

Directions (3-4): Choose appropriate Synonyms for the given word.

3. Zeal

(a) Cipher            (b) ardour            (c) eagerness       (d) plenty

4. Worship

(a) Universal       (b) Revere           (c) Integral           (d) onerous

5. “To call a spade a spade” means—

(a) To speak plainly                         (b) a collection of evils

(c) Imaginary plan                            (d) none of these

Directions (6-10): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it in the context of the passage.

If you are caught in an open field and see the flash of lighting and hear the sound of thunder at practically the same instant, take precautions may have. Lia flat on the ground. Do not try to run subsided entirely. Remember that poor shelter is worse than none. The big tree standing alone will keep the rain off you, but may draw lightning towards it. If a thunder storm begins when you are swimming or old fable that lightning never strikes open water. Many bathers who relied on that belief have lost their lives. Mostly those struck by lightning are likely to be farmers, holiday makers, fishermen or golfers.

6. If there is a flash of lightning in the sky, a tree provides—

(a) A poor shelter                             (b) an adequate shelter

(c) No shelter at all           `              (d) a dangerous shelter

7. Persons most likely to be struck by lightning are those who—

(a) Go swimming                              (b) walk in the streets

(c) Work indoors                                             (d) spend their time outdoors

8. What the old fable says about lightning is –

(a) Wrong            (b) right                               (c) Heresy            (d) unscientific

9. If a thunderstorm begins when one is out in a boat, one should –

(a) Row fast                                       (b) leave the boat

(c) Reach the shore                          (d) remain where one is

10. While sitting in an open field, if one hears the sound of thunder and sees the flash of lightning at the same instant, one should immediately –

(a) Run for shelter                            (b) grasp a metallic object

(c) Jump into water                          (d) lia flat on the ground

11. Feminine of ‘Wizard’ is ……..

12. Masculine of ‘Mare’ is …….

13. Plural form of ‘Rupee’ is ……

14. ‘One who looks at the dark side of things’ is called ………

15. Fill in the blank space with appropriate word. All the glitters…….not gold.

16. Spot the mis-spelt word –

(a) People            (b) missionary    (c) expenses        (d) convent

17. Change the Narration of the following –

The doctor said, “Take fresh food.”

(a) The doctor suggested to take fresh food

(b) The doctor said to take fresh food

(c) The doctor replied to take fresh food

(d) None of these

18. Change the Voice of the following –

Do this at once

(a) You do this at once

(b) Please do this at once

(c) You are ordered to do this at once

(d) None of these

19. Remove ‘too’ from the following –

She was very weak

(a) She was very weak

(b) She was weaker than it was proper

(c) She was weak

(d) None of these

20. Identify the type of Noun in bold type of the given sentences –

Virtue is the greatest thing …………..

Answer these Questions:-

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
8 9 10 16 17 18 19

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