BSEB / Board Board 12th Exam Economics Sample paper

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Sample Paper

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12th Board BSEB

Subject- Economics

Short Answer Type Questions

1. What is the definition of Economics?

2. What is Production Calculation?

3. When total Utility is Maximum than what does last Utility?

4. Give the Formula Maps of flexibility of the Cost of Demand.

5. Which of the  Concept of Agam is called Price?

6.Is this true that AR=TR/Q?

7. What is flexibility of the Demand that includes in our habits?

8. Give the Difination of Financial investment.

9. Difference in price is in which importance of Market.

10. How to counting the expenditure of last Use.

11. What is relation between last saving Nature and Last use nature?

12. Describe the two important work of Business Bank?

13. What is Budget?

14. What is meaning of Economic year in India?

15. What is First work of Coin?

Long Answer Type Questions

1. Why the Slope of Demand zigzag is Negative? Explain It.

2. What is average investment? Why does the shape average Investment zigzag ‘U’?

3. When Totlal Utility is Maximum, then last utility is Zero, Explain it with the help of figure and table.

4. What do you understand to the flexibility of the coast of Demand? in which rules map this?

5. Explain the three cause of born of the economic problem?

6.  What is Monopoly? Explain its important features.

7. Explain the important Work of Central Bank.

8. What is twice counting?why should be save it?

9. Give the the definition of Money? What is the Important work of it/ Explain it.

10. Give the Definition of Budget? What is the main role of Budger?

11. What is the cause of  remaining payment imbalance? Explain it.

Sample papers

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